These 15 Facts will surely blow your mind

  • You have seen only reflections and pictures of your face, you have never seen your real face.

  • Your nose is always visible to you however your brain chooses to ignore it.

  • Your imagination can never come up with a new color.

As all the colors that are present in the spectrum are already visible to you.

  • It is impossible to breathe and swallow at the same time, yeah you can even try!


  • Your tongue does not require a resting place. It does not take rest in your mouth.

Most of the times, the tongue presses on the top surface of the mouth rather than below which means that the muscles always keep working.

  • The current age of yours is certainly the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you have ever been!

  • Funny coincidence! When you say apart, your lips touch, but when you say touch, your lips stay apart

  • Want to hum? Make sure you don’t hold your nose.

  • Your right hand will never be able to touch your right elbow and your left hand will not be able to touch your left elbow

  • Well, this might sound creepy, but something is constantly touching you at all times!

  • Another fun fact. A child born in California at 11 pm and a child born in New York at 2 am will have different birthdays despite the fact that they were born together at the same instance.

  • It looks like the World’s super power United States does not have a very long history.

A person who is 45 years of age has lived his life for nearly 20 percent of the entire history of the United States.

  • Scotch Lovers! This is bad news. If you buy a scotch that is 12 years old, then there are high chances that the scotch is just from the year 2005

  • Every time that you think about your brain, your brain actually starts to think about itself.

  • The alphabet order that we have been taught since KG is random and arbitrary.

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