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15+ Handbags Inspired From Food Which Are Totally Yummylicious!!


If you’re starving for a new stylestatement piece, you might want to fill up on these yummylicious handmade purses by Rommy Kuperus.

The Netherlands-based designer, known by the screen name Rommy de Bommy, has been mesmerizing the Internet for the last 2 years with her fabulous food-inspired accessories. While she makes adorable bowties and necklaces as well, her most popular treats are definitely her handbags. Each bag is crafted to order out of hard foam, and they look deliciously realistic.

Rommy also maintains a fashion blog where she models gorgeous vintage-inspired outfits to match each purse. You may not be brave enough to wear every bright colour under the sun like this girl, but we dare you to rock a jelly donut on your next night out.

Handbag Inspired From Food Which Are Totally Yummylicious!!

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