15 Incredible Animal Artworks Made Out Of Junk

15 Incredible  Animal Artworks Made Out Of Junk

Because of humankind’s inefficient propensities, around 40% of the lakes in America are excessively contaminated almost destroying the natural habitat for the aquatic creatures. That is not something to be trifled with. Lamentably, very few think about the impacts of what their day by day propensities cause, and this is the reason Portuguese street artist Bordalo II (Artur Bordalo) makes dazzling creature work of art out of the wasteful trashes that are being tossed out of people’s houses.

As you’ll view beneath, Bordalo creates dazzling figures of creatures out of junk that he searches and collects. Ironically he depicts nature (animals) with the materials that debilitate it.

For quite a long time, the activist has made shocking animal artworks in different areas all around the globe. From Portugal to Estonia and even the USA, his intriguing figures stand by that send a crystal clear message: it’s high time people wake up and adopt more sustainable habits to revive the nature.


Street Artist Transforms Ordinary Junk Into Animals To Remind About Pollution - Hedgedog

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