15 Things That Were Cool In 2005 But Definitely Aren’t Now

1. Proudly wearing your Livestrong bracelet at all times.` 2. Recording your favourite songs to use as ringtones for your phone.23. Posing for your profile picture like this.34. Writing ~random~ phrases all over your Converse.45. Wet-look hair gel, complete with bleached tips.56. Chunky highlights that made you look like a zebra.67. The hot pink Motorola Razr, aka the coolest thing in school.78. Wearing a school tie with your regular clothes.89. Wearing a school tie with your regular clothes AS A BELT.910. Songs that sounded like an episode of Alvin and the Chipmunks.1011. The iPod Nano.1112. Going to school wearing a headband with your name in glitter.1213. Crazy Frog.1314. Getting into “poke” wars on Facebook.1415. Letting everyone know when an hour was up with your Baby-G watch.15

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