16 Hilarious but Wise Lessons That Perfectly Suit This Generation

Stop listening to people who give you bullshit in the name of advice. You can easily sense the real advice of real people. They speak from their experiences in the beginning.

We have shown a bunch of stuff in this article, which might seem foolish, funny, pointless and sometimes all of them. But, if you try to go through them twice or thrice, you will get the real meaning hidden within.

  1. Never borrow money from anyone. We know that you are going to ignore it. At least, follow this rule while borrowing.


  1. You are likely to be stressed because you might be doing your job as well as your parents’ job at a time. Leave your parents’ job to them!


  1. The world would have been full of nice people if they had taken the below pic seriously.


  1. This is a very sensible advice on relationship.


  1. The best message on people who don’t care about you.


  1. Give people a reason to hate you.


  1. Buddha believed in this principle. That is the reason he was silent

  1. Losers type like this, not the Grammar Nazi.


  1. This kind of people don’t deserve your trust.


  1. There is nothing to feel guilty about hating someone. So, open your heart to pour the hatred out.


  1. Non-violence is scarier than violence


  1. Just correct the Grammar and see the miracles


  1. If you still hold feelings for someone unworthy, then check this picture.


  1. One of the mind-blowing pictures about life, which we never thought of.


  1. Life is pretty simple as shown in this pic.


  1. Some people seriously need this advice


Hope you got really eye-opening advice from these images.

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