16 Incredible Food Inventions That You Want In Your Life:

16 Amazing Food Inventions That You Need In Your Life Right Now

FOOD unites people since the stone age. No matter what culture we belong to, we make our time a memorable experience while enjoying our food. According to Massimo Montanari, Food is Culture. Comfort is must while eating food whether you are watching a movie with friends or having Chinese food in your apartment. In today’s face paced life, Everyone expects eatables on the go. No hand is too little to fit into a Pringle’s tube, and not every person can eat rice with chopsticks. Here’re some of the food inventions which will make you think about it. We have picked our favorites from some of the amazing inventions that make us enjoy the nourishment effortlessly. Simple, quick, and delicious food, all in one package!!!

#1. Someone has to do something about the Pringles. This TAB raises the perfect Pringles for you. 

Amazing Food Inventions

#2. Enjoy your Chinese food easily with this Fork-slash-chopstick

Amazing Food Inventions

#3. Look at this PICNIC BENCH. This suits adults, kids, and wheelchairs that to all at their comfort level. Isn’t that magnificent? 

Amazing Food Invention

#4. Such an amazing FOOD COVER!!! This is not only stretchable but also Re-Usable. 

Amazing Food Invention

#5. Now avoid messy squeezing. Use this little TOOL to spray citrus flavor on your food. 

Amazing Food Invention

#6. Yummy!!! Enjoy your ice cream with this EDIBLE SPOON.

Amazing Food Invention

#7. Carry MULTIPLE CUPS at the same time now. 

Amazing Food Invention


Amazing Food Invention

#9. The BBQ Tongs with a build-in-thermometer.

#10. Take the desired amount you need from plastic pouches and reseal them, without worrying about contamination. We all want a fresh snack every time we open a packet.

#11. Use this PINEAPPLE SLICER and get the pulp of the pineapple without much effort.

#12. Use this STICKER to predict the age of the food. Simply genius! 

Amazing Food Invention

#13. This STORE has their fruits organized for your convenience.

This store has their fruit organized for your convenience.

#14. Look at these SHOPPING CARTS. These have a built-in magnifying glass to read the labels on a food pack easily.

#15. This Restaurant uses COCA-COLA CUBES in cola instead of water ice-cubes. So that your cola doesn’t become diluted, while you are enjoying the rest of your food.

#16. The COFFEE HOUSE that has a coffee chart to let you know about the ingredients of coffee and helps you to decide accordingly.

Amazing Food Innovations

I just love these innovations. How many of these do you want? Share your views with us in the comments’ section below. 🙂

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