17 Funny Tweets That Will Make Any Malayali Laugh

Twitter is a place where people just express themselves out. These 17 insanely funny tweets will certainly make your day.

  • When you spot a thief in Kerala – Thief Thief! Sorry. File a FIR and we will take action. Change of words – Beef Beef – Now 20 policemen rush into the Kerala house.

  • What is the time spent by a Malayali in a parlor? – Oru Manicure.

  • Why is Brad Pitt jobless now? – Because, he lost his Jolie.

  • Charlatan is a good name for a Malayali boy or girl. Charlie at house, Chaarukutty till adolescence.

  • What is the official smell of Kerala? – Medimix

  • Which place are you from?


“Oh Coconut”

“Oh please don’t start”

“Ohhh Bananaaaa”

  • For all those who call it saamburr – “Rujma Chuhwaal” to you.

  • Why does ISIS fail in Kerala?

Because, every time a terror strike is called, the members do not turn up.

  • An outstanding Malayali is called a pheno – menon rite?

  • Lawyer: Sir, this culprit is from Kerala and it is clear.

Judge: No. Don’t do it.

Lawyer: That he had…

Judge: Now…Stop

Lawyer: Mallu-cious Intent

  • What will you become if you spend more than 2 years in Kerala as a 20-year-old person?

Senior Cityson.

  • Why do you spot elephants near houses when lights are switched on?

Jab Deep Jale — Aana

    Jab Shaam Dhale —- Aana

  • “How do you enjoy your “segs” in the morning?”

“With a woman?” Mallu men, probably.

  • She will be loud – a Malayali singing Maroon 5

  • What is that place in Kerala called where people go to board their flights?


  • The clear difference between a Mallu woman and a Mallu man?

One is into nursing and the other is always nursing a drink.

  • Britain’s baby princess’ name is like three first names “Charlotte Elizabeth Diana”.

If a Malayalee had a son, he would have three last names like “Mathew George Anthony”.

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