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These 17 Hinglish Puns Are Absolutely Golden

For the ignorant, Hinglish is a mixture of Hindi and English and for all the Indian folk, this has actually become a language. Most of us use Hinglish on a daily basis, be it texting or talking. Making PJs or puns in this language was bound to happen. The simplicity and humor of these puns is absolutely golden.

Here are 17 of hilarious Hinglish puns that are so horrendous that they are actually good!


  • Wishkanya


Well @Alllahdin is right! Vishkanya actually means venomous girl and a girl who keeps wishing for things is definitely Vishkanya or WishKanya as he puts it.


  • Emerjainsee


Jain religion is about absolutely pure vegetarian and what @AksharPathak carefully played with was that finding pure vegetarian restaurant was an emerJAINsee!!!


  • Disha Patani


Another hilarious pun on the actress Disha Patani’s name. @krazyfrog compared her name to lost as “Disha” means way and “Patani” means Don’t know!


  • Ahmedabad Guy


As alcohol is banned in Gujarat, if someone drinks alcohol in Gujarat, they are the bad guy. “Ahmedabad Guy” get it?


  • Naag Naag Naagin


Naagin is a female snake shape shifter and Naag is a snake. So here are 2 Naags and 1 Naagin!


  • BroKohli


Another hilarious pun. @akhilmonumathew compared cricketer Kohli on Raksha Bandhan to broccoli or “BroKohli”!! Get it?


  • Gymnastiks


Nastiks are non-believers of god and @Oinkoo punned gymnastics with this!


  • Jack’s Paro


Johnny Depp was Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean and Devdas had Paro. The rest is self-explanatory.


  • Michael Hussey


I in Hindi is “main”, yesterday in Hindi is “kal” and laughed in Hindi is “hassi”! Just join them to make Michael Hussey!!!


  • Aah se Aah tak!


@PunsTurnMeOn came with a naughty Hinglish pun, comparing a boy to Moov, as boys could take her from Aah noise to Aaha noise!!

The simplicity of these puns make them even more hilarious and makes you wonder why you couldn’t think of them first!!

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