These 17 tweets will surely make all Indian girls go “OH MY GOD!!!”

Girls, brace yourselves, because here is a list of 17 tweets that will surely bring a smile to your face and you are going to nod in agreement to this as you know that all of this is one hundred percent true. From nonsensical commercials to movies to conversation with family, some stereotype things seem to linger on in the life of every girl. This is absolutely hilarious and will make you once again believe that our society still comprises of certain dumb people. I am sure, all of you must have experienced one of these instances certainly once in your lifetime so far.

So go girl, have a hearty laugh.

  • The ads that are so unrealistic. Really whose idea was it?!

  • When we go to get our eyebrows done. It is really very weird and disturbing.

  • Fantasies and the realities! Fantasies are just too good to be true. This is the apt one!

  • The problem of notifications and the damage control that follows. I am sure it took all night.

  • On advice that I do not need. I can help myself. Thank you.

  • A tough call on decision making. Oh god? Why?

  • Indian parents are so damn supportive. No one can beat them.

  • Absolute crap and nonsense. Somehow, the clothes are always to be blamed

  • On the standards of beauty that are so lame and stupid.

  • Don’t even get started on the compliments, please! I know I am awesome.

  • What if he dies? Problem while flirting.

  • Compulsory awkward conversations. I wish I knew how to avoid them.

  • When you really want to feel the awesome outfit that you are wearing.

  • How can we forget our favorite aunties, who are so keen to get us married?

  • And when we grow up to become this!

  • The most stupid commercial of all time, Fair and Lovely.

  • This is a vicious cycle of movies that is going for a never ending period of time.

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