20 Popular Brand Mispronunciations That Make You Sound Stupid

This is a scenario that happens quite often: you are among a group of people and mistakenly mispronounce a word that most of them know the correct pronunciation to. You are then met by distinct reactions; some unintentionally condescending, some aggressively condescending, and then there are some others, who just tell you the correct pronunciation. But they might still be giggling inside.

People who attack innocent mistakes like that are readers of dickhead-shineries and sufferers of douche-bagitus. There is only one way to beat them, and that is to know the words yourself. Knowledge is power.

Here are 20 brand names that you should master pronouncing quickly to minimise inevitable annoyance.

1 2467891011

12 14 17 18

20 21 23 24 252627


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