21 Funny Texts That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

People do so many things intentionally or unintentionally, sometimes to make others laugh and sometimes they genuinely do something quite serious that will turn out to be really funny.

Here are some really funny texts that will for sure make you laugh.

1. Here is a funny conversation between a mom and daughter on phone. (Mom has not saved her daughter’s number).

Daughter: We should go out for snacks today. It’s free pancake day!

Mom: Who is this? I am a happily married woman with 5 kids, I don’t think my husband will like it if I come out with you.

Daughter: Mom, it’s your daughter Gracie

2. Here is another suspicious mom:

Daughter: Was watching some buzz feed video and mom thinks that I am texting a guy.

Mom: Why are you smiling at your phone?

3. Here is a ignorant Becky asking her friend something serious. Here goes the conversation.

Becky: Are Rock and Dwayne Johnson the same or are they twins?

Friend: They are twins. One is an actor and the other is a wrestler.

Becky: Oh thanks! I did not know who they are.

4. A girl asks her boyfriend about a song that she mis-heard somewhere!

Girl: What is that song by Rae Sremmurd when he says, “That girl is a round pizza”?

Guy: WTF did you just ask me? LOL.

5. Here is a serious advice Lauren gives to her elder sister. (Recently Lauren’s sister texted her asking if she should let Lauren’s 4-year-old nephew watch the Game of Thrones.

Sister: John won’t go to bed. Do you think it is fine to let him watch the Game of Thrones tonight?

Lauren: Are you mad? Definitely not! There is way too much happening, he will be totally lost. He has to start from season 1 or it will not make any sense.

6. When you mistake your mate Dave for your previous driving instructor named Dave.

The Girl (Eve): Hi idiot, why would you ignore my message?

Dave (Instructor): Hello Eve! It has been a while since you last texted me asking for a driving lesson, so I assumed that you no longer need them. I assure you that I have not ignored your messages, I will be happy to take driving lessons for you again; however, not after being called an idiot!

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