22 Hilarious and Equally Horrifying Wrong Number Texts

1. Someone texted this person a picture of a man in his underwear who was passed out in the hallway:

2. This Twitter user got a text from some family who really wants him to know that they like his new boyfriend and Tim Burton movies:

3. Well this guy is not just playing football, he also texted this person for no reason:

4. This person got a photo of an old person with boxed wine:

5. This person got the text from a melon slash beanie baby:

6. This was a vulgar wrong number text in which two people were sharing a corn:

7. In this wrong text, a person got a vague threat of death:

8. This person got a text which had a someone’s kid’s random picture and sent an awesome response back:

9. Another vulgar text in which this person got a bisexual experience text:

10. Another weird wrong text in which he got a strange compliment:

11. This person got a weird fire in the hole text:

12. Someone wanted to point out that Priscilla smells like tuna every day:

13. This person got a wrong text from someone who really likes squirrels:

14. Wrong Texts are really weird. People get texts about selling poodles as well:

15. Natalie Wubben got a text from a nice poet who just wants an attendee to go to a club event that he had organized:

16. Sometimes wrong texts are scary too:

17. Another simply terrifying text from an unknown sender:

18. This lady is clearly about to get hammered. Or is she already drunk because she just texted the wrong person:

19. Manacin Challenge attenders also send wrong texts:

20. This wrong text sender has a really great name:

21. The former crayon eater sent this person a wrong text:

22. Finally, a person without an axe wrong texted someone:

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