23 Jokes That’ll Make You LOL (Then Sob) if Your Parents are Harassing You to Get Married

It looks like in India, parents and grandparents have nothing else to do than to get youngsters married off as soon as a girl crosses 20, or a boy gets a job.

  • If you are still an unmarried girl at 23 in India, then all hell breaks loose. Instead of wishing you Happy Birthday they ask “Aur kab shaadi kar rahi ho?”

  • God forbid if you are still single, ready to mingle, because the only talk family would be indulged in over dessert is, which is a suitable match for you.

  • The most hilarious pictures you get clicked are the ones for a marriage proposal, where the studio photographer beats Fair & Lovely.

  • Once you are of marriageable age, suddenly all relatives seem to take an extra interest in you.

  • After shielding the daughters for 23 long years from boys, Indian parents suddenly get this urge of marrying her off. The hilarious part is when they ask, “Koi hai to bata do.”

  • Whether you are 15 or 55, you are always a kid for your parents and only they can decide who you will marry.


  • How can I ever satisfy the desires of all: parents, grandparents and friends?
  • Why everything in my life is linked to: “ No man is going to marry you.”

  • Whom should I follow: Internet who knows all or family who seems to know all?

  • The only time I like playing a government officer is when my family wants to know the status of my marriage.

  • Oh God!!! Don’t these ladies have anything else to do other than match making?

  • What! Do guys only like helpless, poor submissive wife?

  • Mom, please give me a break…why are you always after my life to get married?



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