30 Hilarious Memes on Monday That Make You Laugh out of Tears

Many people would have this one great wish – not to have a Monday at all. Yeah, you heard it right!!! Monday is one of the terrible things to experience in life.

Here we present to you few of the best Monday Memes, which you can relate to your daily life.


  • If you love horror movies, then this is for you.




  • Are you pretty for Monday?



  • Warning ahead!



  • Sometimes, fingers also speak 😛


  • Are you a wrestler? Then this is for you.


  • Are you unemployed? Then you can relate to it.

  • Never cry baby!



  • Passing a minute would be like passing through many years.



  • The best breakup meme!



  • Don’t make things, which are not going to happen. Confused?? Check this out.



  • Missing punctuality on Mondays would be like this meme.



  • Scientifically proved LoL!



  • If you drink beer, you can relate to it.



  • Mondays are more gag-worthy.




  • Seriously, I want to have this on Mondays.




  • There is a limit for everything. Even to dream!!!



  • I can sense sarcasm. Do you?



  • Serious Grammar mistakes Lol. It looks like this is written by some frustrated English teacher.



  • Sometimes, expressions speak a lot.



  • Being hated!



  • In a battle between weekend and Monday, finally….



  • The return of Monday!



  • The best prayer for Monday!



  • Seriously, I hate this Meme.



  • Sometimes, it is hard to say Goodbye.



  • Don’t mess with me on Mondays.



  • Beware of Mondays!



  • Fake smiles on Monday would be like…



  • When Monday calls you, it would be like….



  • I have never seen such a weekly calendar


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