4 Bollywood Copies of Hollywood Movies That Failed Miserably

We all know that Bollywood has a great fascination towards Hollywood and many movies here get inspiration from Hollywood. However, that doesn’t mean there are not good directors here. There’s no doubt that Bollywood has many talented story writers and artists in Bollywood, but still there’s a good lot of them falling prey to the typical Hollywood formula and tend to snip the whole plot from there.

There are many movies copied from the Hollywood and stuffed with Bollywood spices. Here’s a list of some Bollywood movies that were copied from Hollywood blockbusters, but failed miserably.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) and Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai (2002)

The Hindi version of this Hollywood rom-com was certainly not successful. The crew didn’t even bother to change the title – all they did was translate the title from English to Hindi. This Bollywood remake was an utter failure.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001) and Aabra Ka Daabra (2004)

This Bollywood’s Harry Potter had the same story as the Hollywood version except for a few twists and turns with Bollywood faces. Not a single aspect of the movie made it a worthy watch!

I Know What You Did Last Summer (2001) and Kucch To Hai (2003)

Kucch To Hai turned out to be a box office disaster. The producer just carried out a plastic surgery on the popular Hollywood thriller. It was a pain in the eyes for the viewers. Heights of horror!!

A Walk in the Clouds (1997) and Dhaai Akshar Prem Ke (2000)

There are no words to describe this disastrous Hindi remake of ‘A Walk in the Clouds’. Just watch the original Hollywood version to find out the phenomenal difference that pathetic acting by the lead pair can bring about to the wonderful essence of the story. An utter flop!

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