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People Can’t Believe This Guy Ate 4 Golgappas for 750 Rs : Watch The Video Here

people Can't Believe This Guy ate 4 Golgappas for 750 rs

There are two kind of people in India.

One who likes Golgappas.

One who doesn’t know the meaning of life.


If I had the power, I would declare Golgappas as our national snack. No matter wherever you go in India, you will find girls asking another, ‘chal na panipuri khate hai” or ladies asking their husbands, “ aap bhi khayenge kya?”, there is actually a hidden command in it, ki mujhe to khana hi hai and husbands… they simply cannot dare to refuse.


Don’t know who has invented it or discover it, but this watery  snack is surely a legacy! And the best thing about it – it is cheap. I mean they hardly cost rs. 20 a plate in every part of India.

Hold your heart for what I am going to tell you now, a guy breaking all the myths about them buy 4 golgappas at Rs 750. Sorry I couldn’t add ‘just’ as it  almost takes my breathe away.

4 Golgappas for 750 rs

Question which strikes instantly is, Did they got extra sukhi papdi? I mean this is our birth right which lawmakers ignored while framing constitution. ; )


Well, can’t say how tasty it was but the guy said ‘ it was yummy” , so I just believed him but if you too are fascinating about these golgappas , you can taste them at Pullman New Delhi Aerocity.

Can't Believe This Guy ate 4 Golgappas for 750 rs

And if you are a millionaire , you can eat them as well! As my tummy gets full only after 20 golgappas…means Rs.3000.

This Guy ate 4 Golgappas for 750 rs

Watch the video  here to see how those golgappas look, so that if you can’t treat your tongue you can treat our eyes at least.

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