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Want to do master in coding? And passionate about language but not having the good grip on that?

If you have patience then you can achieve any goal in your life. You have heard many stories about the great coders in the world. If you will revise their strategy you will be amazed to see their patience in their respective fields.

I read somewhere that it took 10,000 hours to be a master in any field. If you want the dignity of the master in coding then it means you have to give constant effort in all number of years. As you know that “slow and steady wins the race”. The Same theory is applied here.

I read the history of master holders in coding and due to which I get inspired to write this article. For those coders who are thinking to do something in their field and touch the heights of success.

In this article, I will explain some of the basic fundamentals to be a master in coding. And all these tips I reasonable from the history of the master in coding.



The first point to be remembered never feel bad that you are not an expert in coding yet. As I said earlier that 10,000 hours is required to be a master. All you need to set your mind and start your work. Always keep yourself updated with the latest update in the field of programming. Don’t run fast take your time to understand the thing deeply. Because when you choose to be master and coding you choose the tough decision for your career. Now you have to add time to sharpen your skill. If you need any type of help in your first phase you are free to email on


Bring learning ability never say that you know while learning. Because computer having their own magical world. And one of the masters says that It took him a long time to figure out and function of 1s and 0s in a computer. Coding is the endless topic in the field of computer science it has no end point. But if you stick with your learning process definitely you will be the owner of this field someday. So never waste your time in taking stress but worry about what you don’t know. You will not believe some of the code master doesn’t have an idea about what is assembly. compiler, pointer, class and much more. But they learn it and become the master of this field.


You will not believe that I read a story about one master coder who bought 20 books of programming. Because he was confused from where to start. And after buying the book he feels sorry for himself that he wasted the money but when he start reading the book rather than the 100 of blogs he feels he invested his money in the right direction. Because a book can explain any you more deeply than anything. When you will adopt book you will get understand the value of eating Ice cream in summer.


I am running a business website. And sometimes my client ask me about something which I don’t know I start googling. Which take lots of time and sometimes even I don’t get the better answer. Please don’t do that. Whenever you find a problem in your coding part ping your mentor, believe me, they will suggest you better answer and it will save your time from googling. Because the answer which you will get from google will take 4 hours but Mentor can solve them in 2 hours.


Being a master in coding you have to patience and work with your plan. Never get frustrated with your problem take your time to solve it. Above basic steps are the best way to start your tour of the master coder.

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