5 Bizarre Magazines That Shouldn’t Have Actually Existed, but Did!  

With the advent of the internet, the offline magazines have almost lost their importance. However, there are a few that are still successful to an extent and appeal to the interests of readers. A good lot of these magazines are in niches that are incredibly weird with strange topics and subjects. Scroll down to check out some of the most bizarre magazines in the world that shouldn’t have actually existed at all.

  • Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine

You can’t for sure say if this magazine was about mini donkeys that actually talk or a magazine that covers articles about miniature donkeys. You should probably check it out with someone who have actually read it.

  • Sheep! Magazine

Now who do you think would have wanted to buy a magazine that is exclusively about sheet? It seems like this magazine was created for sheep growers. Umm. Okay.

  • Potato Review Magazine

Now, is that the name of a magazine with such a micro niche? Did this magazine ever come up with compelling content? Subscribers, please answer!

  • Twins Magazine

We know that twins mean siblings who look alike. But, how did they ever create content related to twins for the whole magazine? It’s beyond our understanding how this magazine was popular among the readers.

  • Girls & Corpses Magazine

A magazine that refers to itself as “kind of similar to Maxim Magazine meets Dawn of the Dead”, this is supposed to be the first comedy periodical about death. See if you can catch hold of one of these publications to find out what was actually covered.

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