5 Interesting Differences Between Men and Women That Will Make You Laugh

No matter how many times we read about the funny fights or comparisons between men and women, we don’t get bored. There is always something really interesting about how men and women think. Both the genders are really different in their own ways and may be that is why there is so much spice in life.

Here are some interesting differences noted between men and women that will make you smile.

  • Yeah, right!

When a woman looks at herself in the mirror, no matter how slim she is, she will still feel that she is fat. On the other hand, when a man looks at himself in the mirror, he always feels that he is way too sexy!

  • Tell me about it!

Even if a woman has a wardrobe full of clothes, she will be like, “I have nothing to wear” and similarly, if a man has a house full of gaming devices and CDs, he will be like, “I have nothing to play”.

  • When they drink, this happens: 

When a girl drinks and throws up, everyone around her is concerned and is always trying to help her, but when a guy drinks and throws up, his friends will either make fun of him or abuse him for being so pathetic at drinking.

  • This age old story is actually true.

When a guy says that he will be ready in 10 minutes, he means it and he will be ready within 10 minutes, no matter what. However, when a girl tells you that she will get ready in 10 minutes, never take her seriously, as it will easily take hours for her to get ready.

  • The Facebook alerts:

If a guy does not log into Facebook for a week, he may probably have 1 or 2 notifications. However, if a girl does not log into Facebook for a week, the next time she logs in, she would find some hundreds of friend requests, some dozens of messages and tons of notifications. This is the fact!

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