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5 Moments in Life When Panga Lena Zaroori Hai!!

Life isn’t fair and so aren’t people. Yet, with the right amount of self-confidence and the will to stand up against what’s wrong; you my friend, must start saying no to those who deserve a no, le panga as and when required and don’t let anybody stamp on your dignity! Here are moments in life when panga lena zaroori hai, boss!

When your boss gets personal and your brain exclaims, ‘Le Panga’! That annoying moment that every employee will instantly relate to when faced with such an issue- ‘Boss, abhi toh panga banta hai!’

When your partner tries to overcontrol your life, push him/ her across the line of defense like an aggressive Kabaddi player. Don’t let her/him rub you the wrong way, if that doesn’t work out well, it’s time for you to ‘Le Panga’

When government officials refuse to comply, put on your Kabaddi pants and le panga like a pro. In most cases it’s always about- ‘Show me the greens’. Quit the rut, play big like the strongest defender in a Kabaddi match.

Players in action during a Pro-Kabaddi League match between Bengaluru Bulls and Telugu Titans at Kanteerava Indoor Stadium in Bangalore on Aug 26, 2014.Bengaluru Bulls won. Score: 27 – 26. (Photo: IANS)

When your friend cracks personal jokes at you and your brain signals, “Panga abhi baaki hai, mere dost!” Well, if your friend does cross the line and all of a sudden appears as an opponent; don’t think twice, just le panga!

When bullies pull you down, put up your guns and fire! #LePanga. Show them there place instantly with the attitude and arrogance of, “Nah le panga, warna ho jayega danga!”

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