5 Photos That Only an Early 90’s Kid Would Understand

A lot of things are precious to people who were born in early 90’s. These things cannot be understood by kids who were born after this period. 90’s kids are unique as they have seen technology actually develop. Internet revolution began during the 90’s. Smartphones came well after that. Tablets and laptops were invented. The current generation won’t know anything about a life before all that.

Here are some hilarious photos that can only be understood by an early 90’s born person:

  • Bournvita is not something just for milk! You can eat it straight out of the jar as well

There were a lot of other flavors of Bournvita available during the 90’s and the kids didn’t just put it in milk, they had it as a snack as well. It’s just like eating Nutella without bread.

  • Can someone really get electrocuted by just having a chewing gum? Apparently it is possible.

Center Shock was a chewing that came out in the 90’s and the advertisement of this chewing gum depicted a new fashion style of electrocuted hair. Whoever has the chewing gum gets shocked!

  • Crax the lovely ring shaped snacks!

Everyone did this while having crax because it was irresistible.

  • Eating soft drinks like Coca-Cola instead of drinking them.

These were very popular in the 90’s. Every kid in school had rolls of these in his/her bag. Kids saved coins of rupees to buy them at local grocery shops.

  • Not wearing uniform and distributing these in the class on birthday.

Mango Bite was the staple birthday sweet for kids in the 90’s. They used to take packets full of these and distribute two each to the entire class because it was their birthday. And the best part was that they could wear casual clothes and not the wretched uniform!

If you are a 90’s kid, you can easily relate to these photos and refresh your childhood memories. We certainly did!

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