These 5 Rare Backstage Video Clips Expose IPL’s Fun Side  

Behind-the-scenes videos are always interesting and fun to watch – it doesn’t matter whether it’s behind the scenes of a movie, sports or anything else. It’s true that IPL is one amongst the most fun-filled event in cricket. Besides the dropping stumps, soaring sixes, and random sledging, there’s plenty that happens backstage that we often miss out. Honestly speaking, this is the fun side of IPL than watching the actual match. So, check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes videos for some rib-tickling fun.

  • Watch this video where Chris Gayle is displaying his workout regime. You will soon realize that it’s worth checking out more backstage videos of this kind.
  • It seems like these Kings XI Punjab cricketers are having fun playing the scandalous ‘Never Have I Ever’ game with Anusha Dandekar.


  • Do you think signing merchandise is quite a workout? If you don’t think so, this video of Kings XI squad could prove that you are wrong.

  • Chris Gayle is here again with yet another video where he confesses his eternal love for desi food.
  • Find out the amount of fun that Kings XI Punjab have when they train before each match. You should certainly watch this video.

Isn’t it fun to watch your favourite IPL stars in such behind-the-scene videos? Stay tuned for more such clips.

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