5 Things a Self-Respecting Adult Must Stop Doing on Facebook

Are you a self-respecting individual? Well, if you are not finding the answer yourself, let us tell you.

Nowadays, everyone is active on social media, and early in the morning the first thing we do is to check the news feed, and the last thing we do is to post some random pictures we have clicked on that day. But, what’s wrong in doing so? Everybody does the same. Yeah!! You are right, but let us tell you something.

If you are posting some random clicks on Facebook or scrolling through your newsfeed, there’s nothing wrong. But, if you try to tag your friends on random posts, it hits your self-respect.

If you are a self-respecting and mature adult, then stop doing these things:

  • Poking Unknown Persons on Facebook

We are sure that a lot of us might have done this. But trust us! If you are doing it with unknown persons, it irritates them a lot. What if some unknown person pokes you? Don’t you feel the same?

  • Changing Relationship Status Every Now and Then

There is no need to update your relationship status as and when you change your relations. There is always a room for it.

  • Sending Random Messages to Girls

Wake up guys, we are in 2017!!! Gone are those days when a girl replied to your messages with utmost patience. Everybody has their own work and run behind their dreams. So, stop such creepy things and go get a life.

  • Putting Celebrity Images As Your Profile Pic

We don’t understand how it makes sense. Don’t you like your own face?

  • Not Using Correct Grammar

When you send a message to someone on Facebook (or anywhere), try to proofread the message and send them.

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