Watch: How this 5-yr-old girl hypnotizes lizards and crabs

What would you do if you came face-to-face with an alligator or iguana? chinese-girl-hypnotises-animals

Probably run as far away as possible. But 5-year-old Han Jiaying from China will just hypnotise them to sleep by gently stroking their belly. In a video uploaded by CCTV that has gone viral, Han is seen putting an alligator, an iguana, a bird, a crab and a dog to sleep by singing lullabies, coaxing and gently stroking them. What happens at the end will surely send a chill through your spine.

Reportedly, the 5-year-old performed the act during “Amazing China”, a Chinese version of talent shows like “India’s Got Talent”. The act left both the audience and the judges in a state of shock.

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