50 members of Bose family to meet Modi in October

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that he will be meeting 50 members of the family of freedom fighter Subhas Chandra Bose in October. Speaking on his Mann ki Baat radio programme, Modi said he had gone to the Kolkata house of the Bose family and chatted with the family members.


He said he decided to invite the entire family to his official residence. Fifty members of the Bose family based in different parts of the world have accepted the invite. “I am happy I will have the privilege of welcoming 50 members of the Bose family at the prime minister’s house. I don’t think the Bose family has ever had the occasion to have visited the PM’s house together,” he said.

His announcement comes at a time when the West Bengal government has declassified 65 files related to Bose and his disappearance in 1945. Later, in his radio speech, Modi mentioned how Bose had made radio a powerful tool to reach out to people by launching the Azad Hind Radio.

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