50-year-old political ad goes viral after it seemingly describes Donald Trump

For something produced over 50 years ago to “go viral,” today seems a little strange.

But that’s exactly the case for one political ad from 1964, which has seen a resurgence online after people began noticing the almost eerie parallels between the ad’s target, and Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

Titled Confessions of a Republican, the ad is a black-and-white, single-camera shot without background music or cuts of any kind, featuring a man talking into the camera lens while smoking a cigarette – meaning it’s as much a relic of 1960’s television as you’re likely to find.

The premise is simple: a Republican voter is “confessing” his concern for his party’s nominee for President.

“I’ve always been a Republican,” the man begins. “My father is, his father was, the whole family is a Republican family.”

But quickly, the confession begins: the unknown man admits the party’s current nominee “scares” him. He “seems to be against just about everything.”

Of course, the candidate in question isn’t Donald Trump – it’s Senator Barry Goldwater, the Republican nominee for President in the 1964 general election.

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