6 Misleading Lessons That We Learnt from Fairy Tales

Fairy tales have been around for several thousands of years with many having survived through the generations. These stories have in fact permeated our culture with crucial life lessons. However, there have also been weird and misleading lessons that fairy tales have taught us. Here are few misleading and awful lessons that we have learnt from fairy tales. Read and evaluate for yourself if these are actually facts.

  • A Kiss by a Prince Can Heal You.

This is what you had heard in the story of The Sleeping Beauty. The prince kisses the girl and she gets cured magically from her sleeping curse. Well, don’t expect that to happen in real life.

  • Fall in Love with an Ugly Person and He’ll Turn Attractive.

There’s a chance that the ugly person with whom you fall in love with will turn attractive…that’s the insidious message of The Beauty and The Beast.

  • What Did Cinderella Teach You?

Though it’s all about how good things will happen to everyone some day or the other, the actual lesson is that you will find your Prince Charming when you step out at midnight. Isn’t that strange?

  • Will Your Step Mother Hate You Just Because You Are More Beautiful Than Her?

The reason for the contentious bond between Snow White and her stepmother was only that the stepdaughter was more attractive than her step mother. Is that a good lesson?

  • The Ugly Duck Will Grow Up into a Beautiful One.

If you are ugly now, you will grow up to be the world’s best-looking duck…that’s the moral you learn from The Ugly Duckling.

  • There’s Nothing Wrong in Stealing from a Giant

Well, that’s the fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. It’s okay for Jack to repeatedly steal things from someone who looks different than him since Jack was a normal human being, while the giant was a deformed, ugly creature. That’s not a good lesson again.

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