6 Ridiculous Medical Miracles That Can Happen Only in Bollywood Films

  • Meera… (not a 5 year old) thinks that God makes deals with her. In the scene where SRK is hit by a car, she prays for his life sealing a deal of never seeing him again, and that is the point where we start getting fucked because instead of getting real shit done the God here is in exchange offer business.

  • Mamaaaaa…!!!

Mamaaaaaaaaaa…!! Mama the untold story is also known as Bajrangi Bhaijaan. A little girl starts screaming as soon as her saviour drops her back to her country.  Could have saved the movie a lot of money if she had managed to speak something earlier!

  • Looking for the Best Eye Doctor? Visit Your Nearest Temple Now

That’s certainly Bollywood movie logic! Go to a temple and get your eyesight back for free. I guess it’s now time for hospitals to close down and to open new temples. Lol!

  • Self-Healing Techniques to Learn from Dishoom

Bang your infected part hardly against the wall. Seriously what the hell is wrong with Bollywood logic!

  • Hug Treatment Well, I have heard people saying that something gets up while hugging, but a person who is dead from inside also gets up. Never heard such a thing before.

  • Crazy! How Can a Blind Person Feel a Uniform?

R.I.P Bollywood logic..!! A living person can donate his eyes and live happily. And also can sense a uniform around.

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Extremely funny !!

Right into the pool and splash!

Right into the pool and splash!