7 Bizarre Versions Of Musical Instruments

7 Bizarre Versions Of Musical Instruments

7 Two-String Piezoelectric Violin

In 2015, 3-D printing studio MONAD entered the music world with its unique, beautiful instruments. The most exciting were the two-string piezoelectric violin. This unwieldy instrument looks like something out of a science fiction movie and is specifically designed to create an array of sounds that are different from those of a normal violin.

The two-string piezoelectric violin was also a part of MONAD’s 3-D printing exhibition. MONAD designed four other instruments to be played with the violin. These instruments integrate into a large, 3-D sculpture that can amplify and produce new sounds.

The sculpture is also capable of warping the sounds of the instruments to create dynamic soundscapes that combine art and music into a single presentation. In performance, the violin’s otherworldly sounds were well received, if a little disconcerting at first.

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