7 Gorgeous Stone Nail Arts Every Girl Must Try This Week

Nail Arts have been in Fashion for a long time now. Girls all across the world have been so beautifully showcasing their creativity, in this miniature form of art. And no doubt, it’s not at all easy to draw on as small surface as a nail but all the girls out there are not only doing great but creating wonders.

And nowadays, stone nail arts are trending, and just by the look of it, they look so wonderful that they’ll leave you in awe.

Have a look.

1. The Stunning polish and the precious stones.

The precious stones perfectly contrast with the Stunning polish. The marble nail design is the one that has ultimately started the flow of this mesmerizing craziness. So, whether you want a chic stone look with the darker shade or the shimmering one that resemble your favorite gemstone, you’ll have everything right there in the social media trends.