7 Hilarious and Unsuccessful Hiding Places in Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is probably a favorite game of all kids, young and old alike. There have been many variations of this game. Everyone has played the classic hide and seek. Then there was hide and seek in a dark room which was really fun. Then the famous hide and clap that was portrayed in the horror movie The Conjuring and many more variations.

The gist of the game is finding a good hiding spot. But more often than not, some part of your body is visible and the seeker catches you. Here are some hiding places which were probably not the best picks:

  • The legs blend in but the socks are shining bright:

If the kid hid in the refrigerator, then the socks might have camouflaged, but the cupboard color makes them shine even more.

  • Just to know where the seeker is, the kid hides behind a translucent curtain:

This is called hiding in plain sight!!

  • The head is too big for the TV stand:

“Why don’t I have the power to shrink or expand as and when I want?” Thought the kid.

  • If only I were a few inches shorter:

He was almost in. This is what happens when you listen to your mother and drink milk daily!

  • That’s just creepy:

Looks like the toilet came to life!

  • The best hiding place ever:

Can you see her? She is hiding in the bathrobe!! Only if her legs were covered, too!

  • If I can’t get under the table, I should hide inside the transparent cupboard in the table:

He should keep a little door open, so that he can breathe properly.

Kids do find creative ways to hide. Granted, most of them are epic fails when it comes to hiding.

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