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7 Natural Wonders Which Science Is Yet To Explain!


Ever since humans came into existence, they kept coming up with their own theories to prove nature’s very own supreme acts. They labelled their own curiosity with a word called ‘Science’. Any and almost every theorem which could prove a fact has always been getting tagged as a matter of science. Proud of their own achievement of developing science to what it is today, we humans almost discard anything to be real if its not proven by science. However, nature still keeps proving that it has an upper hand and will always remain above human kind. Nature with its many wonders kept defeating science every now and then. Here are seven such natural wonders which defy science and proudly stand as a monument beyond human understanding.

1. The Hum

The Hum

Talk about scientific mysteries and you can’t just miss out on this one! The Hum or Hums is a phenomena wherein a humming sound is audible only to a few selected group of people. Statistically only a 2% of world’s total population is among the ones who can hear a hum. Scientists have mostly ignored this phenomena but did not decline it. They credit it to various reasons ranging from stress to low frequency sound emissions. Science however even failed to find out whether its a single phenomena or a number of them clubbed together. This Hum has simply outsmarted science as it has become more of a regular occurrence and that too at different parts of our world.

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