7 Relevant Pictures That Show Your Mum Was Doing a Lot More at Your Age

People usually make comparisons between our mum and us. We may look like our mum, or sometime talk or even think like them, but our conscious deep inside is always screaming out that we will never be like them.

Think about it. While we are still trying to figure out our lives, our mums had their life sorted, back then at our age. If you are feeling insecure about your life and how disorganized you are when compared to your mum, fear not because we are right here to rub that in!

  • Cribbing about your job? Well that superwoman had at least 100 jobs more than you. Needless to say, she aced them all

  • You are probably still struggling with your Maggi, but MAA managed to keep everyone well-fed without burning down the house of course.

  • Every time you fell sick, you turn into a baby, but your mum couldn’t do that because she already had a baby to look after!

  • You’ll share a very different definition when you say ‘My life is over’

  • The definition of embarrassment was different as well…

  • You are probably still looking for love… Well, when your mum was your age, she had already discovered it.

  • Your ‘relationship status’ probably thrived well only in the virtual world, but your mum’s was very much real.

Feeling pathetic about yourself? If yes, our job here is done. Make sure to give your mum a big hug for everything she has done for you!

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