These 7 responses to the boring questions that we Indians are tired of hearing will really make you laugh

Yes, we have all been there. There have been so many instances when the same question was asked by so many people that, we have literally given up explaining. So here is a list of those frequently asked questions that bore us to the core. The responses to these questions are really not that sarcastic, we wish it was true.

  • Do you also work in the call center?

The answer to this would be yes, I also work in the call center and my ancestor was the first person who set up the first call center of the world, so I am liable to work there.

  • So if you do not work in a call center, then do you work in IT?

The answer to this will be, yes even the call centers need people from the IT sector.

  • What is wrong with your choices for food? you people always eat food that is kind of nuclear.

The choice of food is because we think that the fire that continuously comes out of your behind is a disinfectant to the toilets that are infested by germs.

  • Why are you people obsessed with butter chicken?

No, we are not obsessed with butter chicken at all. Actually we do not even know what you are talking about.

  • You are a great fan of the director of M. Nigh Shama- lama- ding-dong?

Yes! He is my favorite. No one is as talented as him in the entire film fraternity. And yeah hats off to your excellent pronunciation. You did a stupendous job.

  • Do you always do one dance that is Bhangra? Do you not know any other dance?

We just do bhangra, all the day, all the time, every minute and every second. Even the Kathakali dancers are huge fans of it.

  • Is India really covered with garbage and litter just like they showed in Slum Dog Millionaire?

Yeah! It is so stinky everywhere that you cannot even imagine.

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