7 Things That Americans Don’t Realize Are Weird

Sometimes, we tend to follow things, which are weird, but we don’t notice them. Here we have listed few such weird things, which Americans don’t realize.

  • Air Conditioning Set to Maximum Cooling

Don’t misunderstand us. When there is unbearable heat outside, AC is a real blessing. But is it really required to cool the office to the maximum level? Can’t we find some optimal temperature where there is no need to wrap ourselves in a blanket and sweat our asses off because of the down pouring heat.

  • Commercial Breaks on the Television

Literally, every five minutes, there is a huge commercial break on the TV channels. Due to this, a 40-minute long episode extends to 1 hour. That’s one-third of the time spent on watching useless commercials.

  • Obsession with Cold Water

It is okay to have ice cold water during summer as it is definitely refreshing. But few restaurants in U.S serve ice cubes to the brim even in the mid of January. Does no one in the U.S have sensitive teeth? Is it required to feel colder when it is already freezing outside?

  • Flags Everywhere

In case you don’t know which country you belong to, then this is what happens.

  • Different Laws in Different States

In some states when there is a red light, you can make a right, but in few other states, you are fined for the same. How do you keep a note of all these changing rules in different states?

  • Pharmacies Where You Can Fill on Cigarettes Along with Your Prescribed Drugs

How cynical this is! Pharmacies sell you the cause of the disease and also cure to it at the same store.

  • When All Your Currency Notes Look Similar

Won’t you be confused having currency notes, which are identical? We are pretty confused at times when the currency notes have same size and colour.

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