7 Unbelievable US Congress Facts You Might Not Know

Congress is somewhat mysterious to the average American. To most people it is just some place that politicians meet and discuss things. They probably make some rules, change some rules, get rid of other rules. It doesn’t seem like a very fun place to be or a place that would be filled with very likable people. Something like Wall Street except with politics and laws. But is that all that there is to this critical institution? It has been around since the birth of the United States. And legislative bodies made up of representatives from the population are an important aspect of democracies around the globe. Therefore, it is important for us to understand the history and purpose of such institutions. In the span of only a couple hundred years, Congress has had its share of eventfulness. Today we are going to go over some of the crazier things that have happened in its short past. We are also going to learn about some of a unique aspects of what Congress does and the laws that it passes. Some are controversial, some are, useful, and obviously some are just incomprehensible. These are 25 unbelievable US congress facts you might not know!

1 In 1814, when the British invaded Washington they held a mock Congress where they voted on whether to burn Washington to the ground. The decision was a unanimous yes.


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