8 Fantastic Before & After VFX Shots From Deadpool

Now we all can agree that Deadpool is, and will remain for quite some time, a class-apart superhero movie. Where Directors such as Christopher Nolan are hell bent on making superhero movies, a little less comical and a little more civil and believer in actual, real life stunts; Director Tim Miller gave us a superhero movie basically built on the foundations of crude and on spot one-liners, a visually sound movie, and we loved it! Now the main excitation factor about the movie might be, it being the first superhero movie to break the fourth wall, but none can argue that this movie had some downright bad-ass visuals. And now after we have seen the movie, and loved it, it is time to tell you guys how the brilliant special effects were done in the movie, so let’s dismantle this sucker, shall we?

So here are eight, before-and-after special effects scenes from Deadpool, enjoy.

1. Before


This is the original, green screen shot of the stunts man.



This is after the special effects team was done with it!

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