8 Funny Photos for Those Who Love to Sleep

8 Funny Photos for Those Who Love to Sleep

Of late, memes have been competing for a share of your mind all around you and needless to say even when you sleep. Ah, sleep! The word itself brings along such sweet memories and a relaxed feeling. There are some people who just love to sleep no matter what and if you are one of them you would most certainly appreciate these hilarious memes.

  • When a friend invites you out for a day and you say “Sorry, I have other plans”, this is what you probably are planning to do

  • When you fall asleep on the living room couch itself and someone asks you to go to your bed

  • When you go for a short nap during the day, but end up sleeping longer than expected

  • When you are sleeping and the alarm didn’t go off still, but the amount of sleep you are getting is doubtful

  • When you go to bed early, you are determined that you will fix your sleep schedule, but early in the morning when it’s time to wake up

  • Whatever the situation in your life is – whether you are stressed, sad, sick or anything else, you just want to sleep it off

  • When you snooze your alarm for 10 more minutes, but end up waking up an hour later

  • When you wake up in the middle of the night thinking you are late and later realize that you still have time to sleep

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