8 Funny Tweets That Will Make You Laugh

Every single second, close to 6K tweets are sent on Twitter. On an average, this will sum up to around 500 million tweets every single day. This will give you an idea as to how big a platform Twitter is. Like other platforms online, you can find a lot of funny people who tweet really ridiculous things.

Here are some of the tweets posted by users on Twitter that will make you laugh for sure.

In coming years, YouTube will follow UBER.

YouTube Channels in 2013: Please like and subscribe to my channel.

In 2016: Please hit the bell icon.

In 2021: Dude! I am waiting right outside your house, there is a new video upload – I wanna share it.

Yesss! That’s the way I make my shake.

Q: What can be worse than a biscuit drowning in tea?

Ans: Another biscuit drowning in the act of rescue too…

Her boyfriend was clueless as to what she was trying to make on their first date.

Middle class people rock. They don’t like wasting money on curtains or towels separately.

Rich kids use – Napkins and hand sanitizers

Middle class kids use – Curtains, bed sheets.

Lol! Although we do not generally make fun of legendary actors, here is a funny one.

Looking at this pic, it appears as if Amithabh ji is taking a selfie.

Here is an interesting tweet for this image.

Three phases of having a crush

  1. To stare at her
  2. To think about her
  3. To stalk her profile on Facebook

What will happen if Johnny Depp and Melania Trump act in a movie? Both will appear confused..

Melania Trump often appears like she has seen you somewhere, but doesn’t exactly remember where.

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