8 Horrifying Ways To Call Ghosts For Experiencing Nightmares

Beware, the world of ghosts and spirits are open to you. But, do you have enough courage to get into that world? It’s a thrilling and terrifying experience. By knowing the correct methods, you can connect with the spirits.

Check out these methods to call the ghosts and get ready to enter into the world of phantoms. But beware of the one’s that refuse to go.

#1 Call spirit with the help of Ouija board.

Also known as the spirit board, Ouija board is a simple flat surface with all the alphabets and numeric from 0 to 9 with the letters YES, NO and GOODBYE imprinted on it. The participants lightly have to put their finger on the board. Now, a supposed spirit guides you over the board to create answers to the seeker’s questions.

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