8 Insane Women Logic That Have No Explanation

It is a known fact that women logic do not make sense most of the time. Many a times, women mean just the opposite of what they actually say. This is one of the reasons why men say that they can never understand a woman.

Below mentioned are some statements that will prove that women logic mostly have no explanation at all.

  1. It’s their game and their rules

When a woman says that she is going to ignore you, she means to say that she is actually ignoring you and she does not like being ignored.

  1. Check me out… No. Do not check me out!

Women are okay when guys check them out in a swimsuit. However, they are not fine if men check them out when they are in a short dress. They think that the guys who check them out are cheap perverts.

  1. Shop till you drop

A woman buys things not because she really needs it, but because it was on a discounted sale.

  1. No chance of a healthy discussion

When a woman says nothing is wrong at all, that means everything is wrong and when she says everything is wrong, she really means it.

  1. They are a class apart

Women do not like watching intimate movie scenes with people around. However, they love reading all the possible intimate love stories.

  1. This weird logic

When women like a guy, they will hardly do anything about it, but they will expect the guy to know it somehow and make the first move.

  1. The never-ending diet

They will never eat french fries or pastries to avoid unhealthy calories, but will go partying all of a sudden and consume all the junk at once.

  1. Another dieting dialogue

A woman takes a resolution to never eat junk ever again at any given occasion. But, she will land up eating all the possible junk food available when she becomes moody.

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