8 Overused Punch Lines That Make Your College Days Super Memorable

During our college days, we use many punch lines to express our feelings. Now, if we remember those times, we laugh at it. Every student has his own punch line, and when it is mixed with his native language, it adds super kick.

So, here are few such overused punch lines, which take you back to your college memories.

  • When Your Drunk Friend Drives the Bike

This is what every friend of yours says when he is drunk. Your friend feels that he is the best racer once he takes alcohol. You can enjoy arguments based on these after the incident.

  • When You Have Low Attendance

When you don’t have attendance, this is what you ask your friends to do in the class.

  • When You Have a Tough External

This is what your friend says if the external is asking questions for which your friend hasn’t prepared.

  • Just Like Food, Cigarettes Are Snacks for Some of Your Friends

We all have friends, who feel like having cigarettes whenever he gets time.

  • A Friend Who Thinks He Is Capable of Doing Anything, But Cannot.

We all have such friends, who feel themselves as super humans, but in reality, they can’t do it.

  • Friend Who Is Indirect Relative of Snakes

There is a friend in every batch who does Bakchodi at times.

  • Our Head of the Department Can’t Do Anything

We all have the feeling that our Head of the Department can’t do anything.

  • Isn’t It the Same?

There is one friend in every batch, who translates the same meaning in different languages when we approach him for a doubt.

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