8 Prehistoric Parasites That Even Freaked The Dinosaurs Out

We all know there were mosquitoes in the time of the dinosaurs, mainly because that’s how “Jurassic Park” supposedly came to be. Aside from that, we rarely talk about parasites of bygone eras.

Part of this is because it’s honestly hard to find any evidence that such parasites existed long ago, but the main reason why they’re forgotten about is because dinosaurs were the coolest. Why would we discuss anything else? For the sake of being inclusive, let’s give these deadly little critters credit. Oh, and most of them are still around today.

1. Parasitic wasps

Parasitic wasps

Parasitic wasps lived in the early Eocene age and they fed off the blood of prehistoric beetles. Some parasitic wasps laid their eggs inside caterpillar corpses. Eventually, their larvae ate their way out from the inside.

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