8 Thoughts That Probably Raced Through Deepika Padukone’s Mind While Shaking Her Legs for the Item Song in Raabta

The item song track in Raabta, where Deepika Padukone sizzles in a sexy and bold avatar, is the buzzword in B-Town right now. The refreshed version that is along the same lines of the track in Agent Vinod has an energising sensuous take. But, while shooting for a song that’s so very sensual, what thoughts could have run through Deepika’s mind. Based on our imaginations, here are some thoughts that she could probably have had.

  • Thank God, these slits aren’t much higher than what they are now! If not, I’d probably be nicknamed Deep-Peek-Ah! Lol!!

  • Oh my god! This camera dude is too very close to my thigh – merely an inch away!

  • This crotch camera dude is really having a great day!
  • Never have I been this this thoroughly body-scanned even at any international airport! This shoot is getting on my nerves!

  • Oh! No! This crotch camera dude is all of a sudden changing into a full-body-scan camera dude!

  • Let me get it straight! All that you want me to do while a camera guy hovers beside my crotch is sway, sway and only sway! And you are paying me lakhs for that! What a world!  

  • OMG! OMG! This breeze is not at all good for the high slits of my dress!

  • If only the budget of this movie could afford a little more fabric for my outfit!

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