8 Unsolicited Phrases Every Young Mom Is Sick of Hearing

Pregnant women at ante natal class

We live in a highly opinionated world. People always have something or the other to say about each and everything that you do. The situation of young moms is no different – they get to hear all sorts of unsolicited advice from people they know and even those they don’t know. If you are a young mom, you should probably get used to replying with your best fake smile, polite laugh or eye roll to get through this, though this can get a bit overwhelming at times. Here are few things that young moms are absolutely sick of hearing.

  • Why are you drinking such a lot of chai? Do you want your baby to be born dark?

  • Can I touch and feel your belly?

Do you think my baby will high-five you from the womb?

  • Apply kajal regularly in your baby’s eyes. They will grow bigger.

Lol!! Seriously tired of hearing this time and again! Is there any logic behind this?

  • Breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby.

Is that so? Would you like to take the next chance of doing so?

  • Don’t feed the baby in public.

Make sure you cover yourself when you eat.

  • Congrats on delivering a baby! When are you quitting your job?

  • OMG! Why is your belly uncovered? Cover it with a dupatta.

  • Why are you holding the baby all the time? He will get over-attached to you.

Do you expect me to grow a kangaroo pouch?

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