800 years old “modern day cell phone” in Austria [Video]

Austrian experts are creating quite the thrill after digging up the clay-based tablet resembling a mobile.  Might it be that the cell phone has in fact been around longer?  It is certainly a fascinating concept to ponder.  Nevertheless what is most amazing is the engraving on the key pad: Cuneiform!


What exactly is Cuneiform?  Cuneiform was a system of writing invented by ancient Sumerians in somewhere around 3500BC-3000BC.  This system of the wedge shaped character types was predominately used in ancient Mesopotamia, Persia, and also Ugarit.


Tube channel supernatural Crucibles responded to this sighting declaring, “Cuneiform tablets aren’t unusual – an estimated two million have been excavated.  The language was a mystery until the 19th century when its code was deciphered.”  With that regarded, what is a Cuneiform tablet doing in Austria?”

Experts believe this artefact is a clay copy of a cell phone.  Many believe this to be acknowledged proof of an early advanced society.  This may also be proof that time travelers moved cellphones back from a more advanced time.


So if you’re not dumbfounded enough, check-out a similar device seen in the Charlie Chaplin film The Circus, released in 1928.



This recent finding certainly does raise many suspicious comments.  Even though many shrug this new find as a sophisticated hoax due to its lack of credible sources.  However could it be that people are missing a greater picture?  Are we filtering media facts at the cost of silencing an essential message sent from our ancient forerunners?

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