These 9 Funny Caricatures Capture the Most Relatable Ironies of Life

Irony – a funny or strange situation that arises just because things happen in such a way that they are exactly opposite to what you would have expected. Yes, life can turn out to be quite ironic from time to time. Each and every one of us would have gone through such situations, but have you seen it all? Check out these comics that capture the most relatable ironies of life and let us know if you have experienced these.

  • This situation is the perfect example of irony in life that anyone can relate to.

  • That’s certainly a full-fledged Indian wedding that has gone just a bit off track with booty shakes.

  • Kissing and pissing in public…..what’s the decorum here?

  • Ready to pay a fortune for luxury goods, but not a penny more to the roadside vendor!

  • If you can handle your own problems, then why call out to your mom to find each and every thing!

  • Go Green initiative is only for the customers and not for the stores – you’ll get a paper bill that’s too lengthy.

  • Modesty is only for the today’s modern girls, not for aunties who show off more skin in a saree.

  • It looks like the maid wins the argument here. Lol!

  • Cleaning happens only when there are guests coming over!

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