9 Hairless Cats That Will Make You Reconsider Their Cuteness

When it comes to adorable animals, hairless cats don’t typically make the list.

Now I might be biased because I’m a dog lover myself, but I find all cats to be a bit evil. And hairless cats take the cake when it comes to having a bad rap. The furless felines are often the butt of many jokes and are portrayed negatively in media.

Dr. Evil’s catty associate Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers films quickly comes to mind. It also doesn’t help that hairless cats look a bit out of this world, sharing quite a few physical characteristics with E.T.

But I’m proud to announce that I’m officially ready to set aside those old beliefs after seeing these 9 adorably hairless cats.

1.At birth, it’s almost impossible to tell a hairless cat from a newborn pup.


 newborn pup