9 Hilarious WhatsApp Chats That Will Make You Laugh with Tears

Youngsters like us are highly addicted to WhatsApp in such a way that it is the first thing in the morning that we check after we wake up and it is the day’s last thing to check before we go to bed.

It is one of the most used apps on Android and iOS play store. Undeniably, WhatsApp has made our lives easier, but also it has complicated at times. Sometimes it saves our life, and at other times it drags us into life-threatening situations.

Here are few hilarious WhatsApp chats that will make you laugh with tears.

  1. Do You Know the Meaning of Desperation?
    Desperation is when a person agrees to date another person of the same gender. Yeah!! You heard it right. Just check the chat below and you would understand what we mean.
  2. Yeah, It Is Difficult to Read a Girl’s Mind!!!

    May this girl’s partner rest in peace.
  3. We Have Seen ‘Friends with Benefits’, but Not Lovers with Benefits

This girl is too smart!!!

  1. We Are Sure You Can Relate This Chat to Your Real Life.

Didn’t we guess that right?

  1. Smartphones and Smart Dads

    Guys be careful with your dads hereafter.
  2. Using Auto-Correct Is Injurious to Relation 😛

    My dead readers, Oops! I am sorry. ‘My dear readers’ *Wink*
  3. We Are Awestruck after reading this WhatsApp chat.

It seems like you are also overwhelmed after reading that chat!

  1. I Know English Is a Funny Language, But Didn’t Realise It’s So Funny.


Good gracious! Hope the English professors don’t read this.

  1. If You Have a Friend Like This, I Am Sure You Don’t Need an Enemy.

Now, is that friendship or rivalry?

We hope these funny WhatsApp texts have made your day.

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