A 30-Year Old Drunk Indian-Origin US Doctor Terminated For Assaulting Uber Driver

Anjali Ramkission, a 30-year-old Indian-origin doctor was suspended from duty after a video of her assaulting a Uber driver went viral on the internet. Anjali Ramkissoon is an inhabitant specialist and student at Jackson Health System and can be seen mocking and physically ambushing the taxi driver. As is clear from the video, Anjali is not in her senses as she tries to ransack the car after commandingly entering it.

Anjali is seen kicking and punching the Uber driver, before she finally got into the car and threw all the driver’s possessions including his phone, the car’s documents et al. The police, however, did not arrest her as the Uber driver did not file a formal complaint and, on the other hand, agreed to sort out the issue with a cash settlement.

The driver, who is by all accounts a sensible man, didn’t squeeze charges as police handcuffed the lady doctor. They later chose to deal with it with common consent as the driver concurred for a money settlement.

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